Washable at 60C
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Hanes 0B7MP5001 - 3-layer barrier mask (x5) washable x30

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Hanes 0B7MP5001

Hanes 3-layer barrier mask
Sold by pack of 5 masks

Characteristics :

- Masks washable up to 30 times

- Avoids the transmission of pathogens linked to droplet spraying
- Comfortable and breathable material: 100% cotton jersey (Weight: 132g/m2 for each layer). Fits the shape of the face.
- Reusable and washable at 60°C
- Cotton fasteners reinforced with covered elastics
- Antibacterial treatment containing silver-copper zeolite

Dimensions :

- Height (elastic at the ears): 8,89 cm
- Height (tissue from chin to nose): 12.7 cm
- Width: 17.78 cm

Packed in a transparent bag.

Complies with the requirements for categories 1&2 (non-medical use).

Category 1 :
Individual mask for use by professionals in contact with the public.

Category 2 :
Mask for collective use to protect an entire group wearing these masks.

Precautions :

1) This mask is not intended for health personnel (FFP2 filtering mask or surgical mask), nor a medical device, nor personal protective equipment.

2) This mask is not certified. Verification by laboratory test of compliance with the requirements for air permeability and particle filtration efficiency is necessary and sufficient.

3) The following standards are not applicable to the HEI mask as they apply to other types of masks:
- NF EN 149+A1 half masks filtering against particles
- NF EN 13274-7 determination of particle filter penetration
- NF EN 14683 Masks for medical use
- ISO 9237 determination of air permeability of fabrics, but advantageous for checking air tightness. 

Można prać w 60°C

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